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Zoe is an 11 year old actress and model who resides in New York. Zoe has had the opportunity to work with companies like Nickelodeon, Sprout, Best Buy and Walmart to name a few. Zoe is an only child and in her spare time she enjoys drawing, painting and making handmade soaps. Zoe just finished the illustration for a children's book. She also enjoys modeling and dance. She has been a part of Strike A Pose Model And Talent Mgmt for approximately 6yrs . 

Zoe will be entering the 6th grade at her Elementary school in the Fall. Zoe has maintained her Honor Roll status and continues to excel academically. Zoe is very involved in extracurricular activities including Lego robotics and is currently on the team at her school. She is also involved in student council and she serves as a model united nations representative.  

Zoe's aspirations is to become a Pediatrician, but she is considering a dual major. Graphic arts/Pre Med.

Clothing Size (Children 8)

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